Construction Updates: Mount Vernon Surgery Center

This page will be updated as construction of Skagit Regional Health - Mount Vernon Surgery Center takes place.

Construction began the week of May 30, 2022. Fencing went up to define the perimeter of the work area in the vicinity of South 12th and 13th Streets.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Skagit Regional Health - Mount Vernon Surgery Center

December 2023 - Skagit Regional Health celebrated the opening of their newest facility, Skagit Regional Health – Mount Vernon Surgery Center, with a community open house on Saturday, December 2 and a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, November 30.

Members of the Public Hospital District #1 Board of Commissioners, the Skagit Regional Health Executive Leadership Team, Mount Vernon Mayor Jill Boudreau, project team members and local leaders gathered for the November 30 ribbon cutting ceremony and offered their support and excitement for the new building.

“This has truly been a process of partnership and collaboration,” said Chief Executive Officer Brian Ivie. “To get to this point after what we have faced over the last several years as an industry, a community and a world is frankly nothing short of remarkable. It’s what makes Skagit Regional Health such a special organization.”

Mayor Jill Boudreau commented on Skagit Regional Health’s investment in the community. “Improved access to care is crucial,” she said. “I’m proud that Skagit Regional Health contributes to the vital needs of health and safety in our community.”

The patient-focused facility offers a convenient location, easy access, a patient pick-up area and ample parking. The new space will house an outpatient surgery center as well as the following outpatient specialty clinics: Audiology; Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT); Foot & Ankle; Gastroenterology; Interventional Pain Medicine; Orthopedics & Sports Medicine and Spine Surgery.

“This facility represents a milestone of the hospital’s commitment to cutting edge, quality care,” said Dr. S. Suresh Alagugurusamy, Skagit Regional Health gastroenterology provider. “I believe the mission of this center is not only to diagnose and treat, but also to enhance the overall patient experience.”

The latest technology has been incorporated into the facility. A visible-light continuous environmental disinfection system will be utilized in the operating rooms, shown to eliminate a wide range of bacteria. In addition, the operating rooms are fully integrated with 4K imaging, an innovative system that is user friendly, interconnected and features high-quality image clarity, data integration and dynamic patient engagement applications to improve quality of care.

Skagit Regional Health - Mount Vernon Surgery Center external

The project broke ground on June 30, 2022 and was completed on time and on budget.

“Darrin Gillis and Michelle Gjersee heralded the task of making the design choices for this beautiful building,” said Craig Cammock of Optimum Properties. “It was a phenomenal job by all involved.”

The outpatient surgery center occupies the first floor of the three-story facility.  AudiologyEar, Nose & Throat (ENT); and Gastroenterology will relocate from their current clinic spaces in Mount Vernon to the new facility and will join an additional Diagnostic Imaging location for Skagit Regional Health on the second floor. Foot & Ankle, Interventional Pain Medicine, Orthopedics & Sports Medicine and Spine Surgery clinics will relocate from their various locations in Mount Vernon to the 3rd floor of the Mount Vernon Surgery Center.

“With this new facility we anticipate providing decades of unparalleled, high quality care to our community,” said Dr. Christopher Sheu, Skagit Regional Health orthopedics and sports medicine provider. “Today, we opened a new chapter in healthcare excellence.”

Those who visited the public open house on Saturday, December 2 had the opportunity to tour the new facility and browse a health fair to learn more about Skagit Regional Health specialties and services, as well as build their own emergency kit. An estimated 700 people visited during this event.

The new 60,000-square-foot building is located at 211 S. 13th Street in Mount Vernon, just northwest of Skagit Valley Hospital and opens to patients on Tuesday, December 12, 2023.

November 2023 - Preparing for opening day

The finishing touches are coming together as opening day approaches.

Patients are already scheduled for the very first appointments that will take place at the Mount Vernon Surgery Center on Tuesday, December 12.

We are less than one month away and the facility is in the final stages of preparation. Daily deliveries are filling the space with all the necessary supplies. The four operating rooms and three endoscopy suites are being outfitted with new equipment and technology to soon offer the advanced surgical care Skagit Regional Health is known for.

As the final touches are being put into place - perhaps the most visible update to the building in the last month has been the installation of the exterior signage. The signs were so large they needed to be disassembled for travel and reassembled upon arrival.

sign installation at the Mount Vernon Surgery Center

The specialties that will be relocated to the Mount Vernon Surgery Center are:

  • Audiology
  • Ear, Nose & Throat
  • Foot & Ankle
  • Gastroenterology
  • Interventional Pain Medicine
  • Orthopedics & Sports Medicine
  • Spine Surgery

Diagnostic Imaging will also be available in the new facility as an additional location.

We look forward to celebrating this new addition to the Skagit Regional Health landscape at the Community Open House event on Saturday, December 2.

October 2023 - Less than 60 days until opening of the Mount Vernon Surgery Center

The pages on the calendar continue to turn as Skagit Regional Health prepares to open the new Mount Vernon Surgery Center. The site continues to be a hub of activity in preparation for the December 12 opening to patients. All medical equipment is due to arrive by the end of October. Work stations on wheels, stretchers, exam tables and Pyxis medication dispensing machines are all in place. Operating room booms and lighting are all installed; sterile processing equipment is in place; the first audio booth for Ear, Nose & Throat is installed; many computers are deployed and ready; all three elevators are approved and operational and X-ray installations are under way.


Staff recruitment continues and we have had success in hiring. Training will take place from November 1 through December 8.

This project will help Skagit Regional Health provide access to care for the people of our communities. Expanding our surgical, gastroenterology and outpatient spaces will allow our organization to continue to provide timely access for patients to get the care they need, when they need it, in the comfort of a state-of-the-art facility.

Mark your calendar: A public open house and health fair is scheduled for 2 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 2. 

September 2023 - The  Mount Vernon Surgery Center site continues to be a hub of activity in preparation for a mid-December opening to patients.

The focus has shifted indoors where teams are installing cabinetry, furnishings and computers.

Trucks loaded with dozens of chairs, stools and other items pull up regularly in front of the building and are quickly unloaded and deployed throughout the three-story building. The Skagit Regional Health IS team is getting computers and phones in place and ready to go.

Installation of high-tech medical equipment is also well under way with a goal of having it all in place by Oct. 31. Booms and lighting are going in the four operating rooms. Sterile processing equipment and scope sterilization, conveniently located near the ORs and  endoscopy suites, is also going in.

MVSC Staff PatioThe interior features calming and welcoming colors with cleanable materials, large lobbies, waiting spaces flanked with windows to provide ample natural light. A large staff break room also affords staff access to a covered outdoor patio space for a breath of fresh air and a lovely view to the west.

Training will take place from November 1 through December 8 and the first patients will be seen on Dec. 12.

August 2023 - Operating RoomThe general contractor’s work on construction of the new Skagit Regional Health - Mount Vernon Surgery Center is nearing completion as the crew from BNBuilders wraps up the details.

Work on interior final finishes and “punch list” detail items is under way and on schedule to reach substantial completion on August 21, when the contractor turns the building over to Skagit Regional Health.

The landscaping is nearing completion, parking lot paving and striping is done and exterior signage will go up in September. Review of the internal wayfinding program, which will feature several computer screens to stay current on our provider roster, is under way.

Once Skagit Regional Health has full access to the building, installation of computers, phones, equipment and furniture will begin in earnest. The plan is to have all medical equipment installed by October 31.

Excitement is growing as the building nears completion. The outpatient surgery center will create a new and improved experience for our patients having elective surgery.

“Mount Vernon Surgery Center is designed to enhance the patient experience for  outpatient surgery and endoscopy procedures. By being on the first floor, we’ve reduced the anxiety of patients and family members looking to check in or pick up their loved ones,” said Matthew Ornelas, MBA, Ambulatory Surgery Center Administrator. “The patient’s ride pick-up spot is conveniently located next to the post-op area so our patients will no longer need to take elevators or walk down long hallways after their surgery or procedures.” 

The new facility will also feature some of the latest in technology and will allow Skagit Regional Health to expand our surgical capabilities.

“On top of the smaller footprint, we also have an abundance of technology in place that will protect our patients and allow the staff to focus on patient care,” Ornelas said. “And, we are very excited about how Mount Vernon Surgery Center will expand our organization’s surgical capability, allowing surgical services to continue growing and providing care to the patients of this region.”

Plant Operations Program Manager Michelle Gjersee, who has played an integral role in the project planning, is pleased to look at the goals set out in the project charter and know that those are being met for the benefit of patients.

“I believe, now that we are upon construction completion, that our goals have largely been met. Calming and welcoming colors with cleanable materials, large lobbies, waiting spaces flanked with windows and a quick patient pick-up location are design elements that show how we have achieved a patient-centric facility and demonstrate that Skagit Regional Health puts our patients first in all that we do,” Gjersee said. “Our design is also competitive for staff and providers as we have included employer-of-choice elements such as a large, covered outdoor break patio, an open office concept on the second floor to promote workplace community, a dedicated lactation room and a full A/V conference room.”

Gjersee noted that the exterior of the building was designed with the neighborhood community in mind, using wood and stone elements that complement the neighboring facilities.

“There is a sense of accomplishment for the entire team as we see our objectives and intentions come to life throughout construction,” Gjersee said.

A public open house is scheduled for Saturday, December 2 and the first patients will be seen on December 12.

New pavingJuly 2023 - The construction site for the Skagit Regional Health – Mount Vernon Surgery Center continues to be a beehive of activity and daily change.

On the outside, landscaping featuring trees and shrubbery is under way and sidewalks are poured. The parking lot, including lighting and curbs, is taking shape and paving was scheduled for July 13 and 14.

The exterior of the building is nearing completion with all of the finishes and exterior signage will be installed in September.

Inside, permanent power went online in mid-June and three elevators will go online in August. Interior finishes, including paint, flooring and tile work is nearing completion on all three floors.

Operational walk-throughs continue to take place to assist with placement of accessories and equipment. Furniture installation will begin in August with medical equipment installation due by the end of October.

June 2023 - Construction of the Skagit Regional Health – Mount Vernon Surgery Center is closing in on the final major phases. Substantial construction completion is set for August to be followed by equipment and computer installation with first patient visits planned for December. The 60,000-square foot facility, northwest of Skagit Valley Hospital, is located at 211 S. 13th Street.

Here are some highlights:

  • Operational walk-throughs begin in June to assist with placement of accessories and equipment.
  • Exterior finishes are nearing completion and exterior signage will be mounted in September.
  • Installation of all three elevators is in progress.
  • Permanent power to the building goes online in June.
  • Carpeting, painting and tile work is under way on all three levels and flooring in the Endoscopy procedure rooms is nearly complete.
  • The cart washer and instrument washers were delivered in May and orders are in for OR equipment and Pyxis machines.
  • Procedure lights are installed in clinic treatment rooms.
  • Casework installations are underway in various areas throughout the building and furniture delivery and installation begins in late August.
  • Parking lot plan and work continues and several sidewalks have been replaced in June with new ones.

May 2023 - Exterior siding installWork continues at the site of Skagit Regional Health – Mount Vernon Surgery Center just northwest of Skagit Valley Hospital. The project remains on schedule for construction completion in August 2023 and first patients in December 2023.

Installation of the exterior finishes are well underway, the building will be clad with stone, siding, windows, metal paneling and an exterior insulation finishing system.

Less visible to the passerby is the amazing amount of work going on in the interior. Interior painting, flooring and wall protection is going in throughout the first and second floors. Headwalls have also been installed in the pre-op and post-op bays on the first floor of the building.

Single large diffusers were received and installed in the operating rooms in mid-April. These units will push clean, filtered air into the work area to protect the patient from potential airborne contaminants and are also integrated with UV clean lights.

Building elevators arrived on site and will be installed this month, followed by a permitting process so that they will be ready for use in August.

A reminder about some of the basics about the building:

February 2023 - Lots of progress has been made at the site of Skagit Regional Health – Mount Vernon Surgery Center just northwest of Skagit Valley Hospital. The project remains on schedule for construction completion in August 2023 and first patients in December 2023.

MVSC siding installationExterior cladding (the first layers of the covering for the building), framing and installation of the Gypsum Wallboard are all underway.

All three floors of the building will be heated over the next several months using propane heaters. The heat stays on 24/7 and allows for optimum interior temperature and humidity levels for installation of drywall, adhesives and paint. The heaters will remain in place until curing is complete and/or outside temperatures increase to the same level.

Operational planning continues with many key stakeholder groups throughout the organization as we prepare for the first patients at the MVSC in December 2023. 

November 2022 - The concrete has been flowing to get all three floors ready!

Skagit Regional Health – Mount Vernon Surgery Center continues to take shape at the site just northwest of Skagit Valley Hospital. Most recently, the first floor concrete pour took place on Nov. 15, the first in a series of significant concrete deliveries for the three slabs for the three-story, 60,000 square-foot building.

Equipment and furnishing orders are taking place; external signage designs created; and operational teams will begin holding regular meetings in the near future.

October 2022 - Mount Vernon Surgery Center structure coming together

Skagit Regional Health – Mount Vernon Surgery Center is also taking shape at the site just northwest of Skagit Valley Hospital. On September 29, 255 yards of concrete – delivered by an estimated 26 trucks – was poured at the location for the building’s slab on grade. Check out the video of the dramatic pour here.

BeamsThe building’s foundations include 75 tons of rebar. A few days after the big concrete pour, a crane was delivered and assembled on the site to begin the process of lifting the steel beams into place.

As of Oct. 12, the steel frame for three floors is in place for more than half of the 60,000-square-foot building. The steel is fabricated by a local company, B&B Fabricators in Arlington.

A traditional “topping out” ceremony with placement of the final piece of steel is scheduled for October 21.

August 2022 - Site work continues for surgery center

The buildings have all been removed and site work is underway in earnest at the site of the new Mount Vernon Surgery Center, northwest of Skagit Valley Hospital on 13th Street. Here are a few construction highlights:

Construction site with a view: The sparkling white peak of Mount Baker and the blue sky of summer create a nice backdrop for the construction site.

MVSC construction site with mountainDump trucks: If you have been in the vicinity of 13th Street and Division lately, you have likely seen a continuous movement of dump trucks in and out. All of the soil removed from the site has gone to a location called Big Lake Gravel Pit.

Going underground: Recent work at the site will eventually be covered up by the parking lot. Crews are installing interlocking cells for a detention system that will collect, hold and slowly release water from runoff into the city’s system.

Buried treasure: The first buried treasure was found in late July: A beautiful blue bottle of Milk of Magnesia, with the date imprinted in the glass of August 2, 1906. That’s nearly 116 years old!

Glass milk jug

Foundations: The team reports that the soils on-site consist mainly of glacial till, which has excellent bearing capacity for the project. So far, all of the new building foundations will be poured over the existing soils, rather than having to over-excavate and bring in structural fill. 

Parking: The satellite parking lot, located on the west side of 12th Street, was paved in mid-July and the contractors’ work trailers are now located there. It took 200 tons of asphalt to pave this small parking lot. Upon project completion, this will serve as extra parking for the new facility, in addition to the main lots on the east side of the center.

Rebar arriving: The site will receive rebar (reinforcing steel that becomes a part of the foundation for the building) the first week in August. In total, the foundations will include 75 tons of rebar. 

On the job: As of July 21, there were 20 workers on the site: 17 men and three women.   

June 2022 - Groundbreaking Ceremony 
MVSC ground breakingOn the afternoon of June 30, more than 70 SRH board members, providers, staff and community members gathered to watch the groundbreaking celebration for the new 60,000-square-foot outpatient surgery center and medical office building to be located just northwest of Skagit Valley Hospital. Festivities included remarks from SRH leaders, board members, providers and SVH Partners, LLC.

The three-story building, which has a target opening date of December 2023, will be home to a wide range of surgical specialties. The patient-focused design will feature four operating rooms, three endoscopy suites and one endoscopy procedure room, diagnostic imaging and several specialty clinics, including Gastroenterology; Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT); and Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

“This new Mount Vernon Surgery Center will help us better meet the needs of our surgical patients with a facility and environment that is designed specifically for outpatient procedures,” said Brian Ivie, Chief Executive Officer for Skagit Regional Health. “We are excited to begin this project and have a surgery center that improves access to safe, quality care.”

Specialists in orthopedics, urology, general surgery, podiatry, plastic surgery, ENT, gynecology, orthopedic spine surgery, gastroenterology and other surgical specialties will provide services in the new surgery center.

The addition of the Mount Vernon Surgery Center will relieve pressure on the six operating rooms at Skagit Valley Hospital, where the focus will remain with patients who will need to receive hospital care following surgery and emergent procedures.

The new building will offer a convenient location, easy access, a patient pick-up area and ample parking.

June 2022 - Demolition is underway at the future site of the Mount Vernon Surgery Center
Perimeter fencing around the site of the future Mount Vernon Surgery Center was installed in late May and demolition of the existing buildings began the week of June 14. The project will officially kick off with a groundbreaking ceremony at the end of the month. The three-story outpatient surgery center and medical office building will feature a patient-focused design and will be home to a variety of surgical specialties. The project is due to be completed by December 2023.