Highly Individualized Care for Sports Injuries

Whether you strained a knee during a ball game, are feeling shoulder pain with your backswing or are experiencing post-traumatic arthritis from an old injury, it’s critical to see a specialist who can make sure you’re getting the right diagnosis and treatment. An untreated or mistreated joint injury can affect how your body functions and impact your activity level and overall quality of life.

The orthopedic and sports medicine specialist team at Skagit Regional Health is comprised of board-certified, fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeons, physician assistants nurses, as well as physical and occupational therapists who provide expert care to get you back to doing what you love as quickly and safely as possible.

The Latest Diagnostics and Treatment

From routine to complex, new injuries to surgical revisions, we diagnose and treat the full range of musculoskeletal conditions and sports injuries using state-of-the-art imaging equipment and evidence-based treatments. We assess each individual and review treatment options with each patient, using the most minimally invasive options whenever possible. Many times, non-surgical alternatives and rehabilitation including physical therapy, or bracing is used. We can also utilize ultrasound-guided injections, including steroids, viscosupplementation platelet-rich plasma that are available to restore stability and function.

If surgery is recommended, the sports medicine and orthopedic specialists at Skagit Regional Health are one of the only teams in northwest Washington to offer leading-edge treatments such as anterior hip replacement, hip arthroscopy and revisions to correct previous surgeries.

Putting Patient’s Needs and Expectations at the Center of Care

All treatment plans are individualized for each patient. When treatment options are being reviewed, we discuss the patient’s personal goals and expectations to ensure our team chooses the optimal path. Because we are a health system with many different facilities and locations, including hospitals, clinics and our Sports Medicine Clinic Gym, we’re able to support and coordinate the entire spectrum of care, from diagnosis to recovery – and even future injury prevention – to make sure each patient’s recovery is as seamless as possible.