Is Joint Replacement Right for You?

Dr. Sheu with patientThe musculoskeletal system is all interrelated. When a joint causes pain or isn’t functioning correctly, it can be debilitating. Not only can this impact other joints it can also impact the spine, which is essential for nearly everything we do – from breathing to sitting and sleeping to walking.

Sometimes, nonsurgical or minimally invasive procedures can correct these problems. Other times, it takes advanced surgery to correct issues. In these cases, joint replacement surgery might be an option for you. This involves removing part or all of a damaged joint and replacing it with an implant made of plastic, ceramic and/or metal.

At Skagit Regional Health, our team of orthopedic and sports medicine specialists the experience and skill to perform many different types of joint replacement surgeries. We will work with you to identify your best options and help you through your recovery to get you back to your everyday activities.

Hip Replacement Expertise

Our team of orthopedic surgeons expert care and treatment for hip replacement surgery. Depending on your need, our highly trained and skilled team is equipped to perform partial or full hip replacements and able to take a number of approaches. And we’re one of the only health systems in northwest Washington that offers the leading-edge anterior approach to hip replacement.

Knee Replacement for Improved Quality of Life

Our sub-specialty trained team of orthopedic surgeons, nurses and therapists have the expertise to perform partial and full knee replacement surgeries to help patients get back to enjoying everyday life. Members of our team have helped advance prosthetic and artificial knee designs, which means you’ll have access to the latest implants that can be matched to your needs based on gender, musculoskeletal features other factors, improving your results and life after surgery.

Upper Extremity Joint Replacement

Although not as common as hip or knee replacement, joints in the upper extremities, including the shoulder, elbow wrist, can also be replaced. Our sub-specialty trained hand and upper extremity experts are knowledgeable and up-to-date on the latest treatments, including joint replacement, and evidence-based practices to ensure they provide you with the highest level of care.

Want to Learn More about Joint Replacement Surgery?

If you are experiencing joint pain that is affecting your quality of life, our team at Skagit Regional Health can help. Connect with our team of specialists to learn more about your joint replacement options.

Resources for Joint Replacement Patients