Why is Quality Important?

At Skagit Regional Health, enhancing quality is essential to our mission of improving the health of our communities, one person at a time. But, why?

Higher Quality Means Better Results

It’s not just a hunch. Studies show that high-quality care leads to better outcomes. That means that quality matters. It means patients recover better when quality is higher. It also means patients are healthier overall when under the care of a high-quality provider.

Higher Quality Enhances Your Experience

Quality is multifaceted. At Skagit Regional Health, your needs, preferences and values always help guide clinical decisions. We work efficiently to ensure your care is timely, with minimal delays.

We strive to keep you safe and use best practices in your care, and we treat every patient with compassion, dignity and respect. This is why care quality impacts your whole experience and satisfaction, not just your results.

Imaging machineHigher Quality Increases Employee Satisfaction

Quality doesn’t just impact our patients. It also impacts the people who work at our facilities and our healthcare partners. From our surgeons to our nurses, and from our nonclinical support staff to our leadership. When quality is a priority, it helps create a positive and collaborative working culture – one in which people are proud to come to work and are invested in improving care every day. This helps us attract and retain talented individuals so we can provide the best care possible to our patients.