Internal Medicine Residency Program

Dr. SantosWelcome to the Internal Medicine Program

Welcome to Skagit Regional Health Internal Medicine Residency Program!

Serving as the Program Director since its inception in 2011, I have seen the program grow and how we made a difference in people’s lives in our community. We have produced excellent and caring physicians who are passionate about patient-centered care.

We believe that excellent internal medicine physicians are curious, thoughtful, and critical problem solvers who are committed to lifelong learning. They believe and practice both the art and science of medicine. They recognize that an individual's health and well-being cannot be abstracted from the environment in which they live. Thus, issues of relationship, family, culture, psychosocial health, spirituality, economic status and life stressors are always relevant and often critical to the well-being or illness of a given patient.

Implicit in our educational curriculum are these assumptions:

  • Residents are adult learners each with individual learning styles. Though not all residents come to us having developed an understanding of their particular educational needs, part of our work as faculty is to facilitate this knowledge in order to maximize individual growth.
  • Residents must feel both supported and challenged in their clinical learning.
  • Independent clinical decision-making, properly supported, is the best and fastest road to competence.
  • Being a community-based hospital, we emphasize experiential learning, continuously looking for ways to improve the lives of people in the community.
  • We believe in the growth mindset. We are looking for residents who are adaptable, innovative, collaborative and open-minded.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

Jhoanna Santos, MD, FACP
Internal Medicine Program Director
Skagit Regional Health Graduate Medical Education