Program Overview

Mission: Improve health access and health status for rural, minority and underserved persons living in Washington by developing training programs for health professionals in our setting that serves those populations. Our program involves a mutually beneficial educational relationship between regional hospitals, clinics, providers and community health resources.

Program Commitment to Excellence

Skagit Regional Health Family Medicine Residency Program is committed to excellence in community-based family medicine training. Our program is structured to provide residents with concentrated training in family medicine, and to prepare for examination leading to board certification by the ABFM (American Board of Family Medicine) or the AOBFP (American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians). We aim for the program to be both rigorous and personally fulfilling.

Family Medicine Residency Program Excellence at Skagit Regional Health

GME Handson in classroomSkagit Regional Health’s Family Medicine Residency Program helps improve health access and health status for rural, minority and underserved persons living across Northwest Washington. Our Family Medicine Residency Program currently provides exceptional training for twelve residents.

Our residents have continuity clinic hours in the Skagit Regional Clinics - Family Medicine Residency Clinic to support ongoing relationships with their patients of all ages – for continuous learning and continuity of care. In addition, our residents follow patients who reside in nursing homes or who are home-bound. Skagit Regional Health’s Family Medicine Residency Program is an Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME)-accredited family medicine residency program and has Osteopathic Recognition.   

Supervision and Mentorship from a Qualified Preceptor

We understand each of our residents has an individual learning style. Our faculty strives to help each resident find their special clinical interest in order to maximize individual growth. Our rotational curriculum is designed to ensure each resident has enough time to focus on their chosen area of clinical interest and still meet all the FM residency requirements for ACGME, as well as the board- certification requirements of the AAFP and the AOBFP.

Supervision and mentoring are hallmarks of our training program. Each resident is given more autonomy as their experience progresses. For continued guidance, a qualified preceptor is always available to provide consultation and assistance to the resident.

For More Information About our Family Medicine Residency Program

If you have more questions, please contact Dora Driscoll, Program Coordinator by email or call 360-814-2349.