Palliative Care Team Offers Specialized Medical Care

Cancer CaresWe know the pain and stress of a cancer diagnosis affects both patients and their families. At Skagit Regional Health, the Palliative Care Team provides specialized, comprehensive medical care for people with cancer, to help manage symptoms and match treatment to a patient’s goals. Our palliative care is provided by physicians and nurse practitioners who work closely with the cancer center social worker and  other members of the cancer care team – all dedicated to improving each patient’s quality of life.

Well-Coordinated Care Improves Quality of Life

The Palliative Care Team specializes in the relief of suffering and the achievement of patient centered goals to support the best possible quality of life for cancer patients and their families. The existing cancer treatment plan is supported, while our Palliative Care Team helps the patient live comfortably through the illness. Palliative care is available to patients at any stage of their cancer journey. Patients may receive palliative care and curative cancer treatments simultaneously.

Palliative Care Helps Manage Cancer Treatments

Unlike hospice which is end of life care, palliative care improves your ability to carry on with your daily life while going through cancer treatment. It improves your ability to tolerate medical treatments and helps you to better understand your cancer and your choices for medical care.