Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology Infusion RoomMost cancers are treated with drug therapy to kill dividing cancer cells. Using highly precise techniques to plan and deliver your individualized treatments, we minimize the dose to normal tissues while delivering high doses to the cancer. Drug therapy includes chemotherapy and biotherapy.


Chemotherapy is systemic drug therapy administered orally or through an IV that kill cancer cells at different stages of growth. These drugs may also kill healthy cells, resulting in common side effects such as nausea, hair loss and diarrhea.


Biotherapy is a systemic drug therapy that may be targeted specifically to kill only cancer cells. These drugs generally have fewer side effects and toxicities than chemotherapy. New drug therapies are being developed to more specifically treat the cancer and spare healthy cells by using the patient’s own immune system to attack and kill the cancer.

Your medical oncologist will develop a treatment plan best suited for your individual needs.

Please consult with our team for the treatment options best suited to your individual needs.

New patients who will be receiving radiation oncology are invited to watch this video to learn more about what to expect in their first few visits.