During Your Stay

Home-Away-From-Home for Complete Childbirth Care

Now more than ever before, new moms and dads are turning to us for their special delivery. It is no wonder that our Family Birth Center is Skagit Regional Health's home-away-from-home for complete childbirth care.

Skagit Valley Hospital’s Family Birth Center offers 21 private labor-delivery-recovery-postpartum rooms (LDRP rooms). Each room fosters a calm, relaxing and healing environment for your delivery and recovery.

Our LDRP rooms include the following amenities:

  • A flat-screen TV and DVD player
  • A private bathroom
  • Privacy for resting, sleeping and bonding with your baby
  • Specially designed beds for delivery

Cascade Valley Hospital’s Family Birth Center has four private labor-delivery-recovery-postpartum rooms (LDRP rooms). Each room fosters a calm environment for you and your baby during your delivery and recovery. Our rooms include:

  • TV and DVD player
  • Private Bathroom
  • Privacy for resting, sleeping and  bonding with your baby
  • Specially designed beds for delivery
  • Portable tubs
  • Telemetry for monitoring your baby while walking in labor
  • Support person area for relaxation and sleep

Comfort Measures for Your Labor

Giving birth is a very unique and personal experience. Many factors go into putting together your birth plan. Skagit Valley Hospital offers many comfort options that are available throughout your labor journey. We want to empower you to choose the options that are right for you. We work with each patient to tailor the labor experience to your specific needs. Below is a list of options that are available at the Family Birth Center

  • Jacuzzi tub in each room
  • Aromatherapy with essential oils Family Birth Center Laboring mom
  • Nitrous oxide inhalation therapy
  • Telemetry for monitoring your baby while walking
  • Rocking chairs
  • Peanut balls and Birth balls
  • Epidural anesthesia

You may choose any of these options or none of the above. Please discuss your plan with your provider and labor nurse, so we can do our best to enhance your labor experience.

Visitor Policy

As we move through the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking all appropriate steps to ensure the safety of our patients, families, staff and providers including screening, masking and sanitizing.

We understand the important role that loved ones play in patients’ lives. To continue to protect our patients and employees we have adjusted the number of visitors who may be with patients at the Family Birth Centers.

View our full Hospital Visitation Policy for requirements and screening information.

Unit Host Concierge Dining

A dining menu will be located on your bedside table. A unit host will visit your room each day to answer any questions and take your order. Your options may be limited to the type of diet your physician has ordered, but you have many choices. Ask your nurse if you need a snack outside of the set meal times located on the menu. If you do not receive your tray, please be sure and let your nurse know.