Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Skagit Regional Health's three cardiac catheterization labs offer quick access to patients for enhanced images of their heart. We offer the only catheterization labs in Skagit county.

Our newest lab was designed as a surgical suite and having multiple labs allows heart attack victims to be immediately brought in for angioplasty or stent procedures to open a blocked artery, enhancing patient outcomes. The flat-panel equipment in the newer surgical suite provides enhanced resolution with a lower radiation dose during diagnostic heart catheterization. These tests are used to check on the condition of the heart and the flow of blood through the arteries by providing a detailed view.

Cardiac Electrophysiology

We offer cardiac electrophysiology services at Skagit Regional Health. Cardiac electrophysiology is the study, diagnosis and treatment of heart rhythm or electrical disease (arrhythmia). Dr. Ramy Hanna, cardiac electrophysiologist at Skagit Regional Health, explains his role in patients' heart health by saying:

"An electrophysiologist diagnoses and treats heart rhythm disease in many ways. One route is by medicines that we are specifically trained to use. Another is by implanting pacemakers and defibrillators (ICDs) to treat people whose hearts either go too slow or too fast. The final treatment is by using catheters that are inserted into the heart through blood vessels in the legs in order to diagnose and ablate abnormal circuits in the heart muscle."

Skagit Regional Health is pleased to provide state-of-the-art heart rhythm treatment and a full range of cardiovascular care.