Center for Sleep Disorders

The six-bed Center for Sleep Disorders at Skagit Valley Hospital features all of the comforts of home.

Each spacious private room is furnished with a queen-sized “Sleep Comfort Select 5000” bed that a patient can adjust to suit their preferred level of firmness. An armoire provides a place for clothing and belongings and the interior décor is in warm natural tones. A flat-screen TV, private bathroom and other amenities provide a home-like environment for the patient’s overnight stay for a sleep study.

Sleep  Medicine RoomIn addition to the improved home-like atmosphere, the Center for Sleep Disorders also features new state-of-the-art Sandman technology that makes it easier and faster to download sleep study data and allows for additional video capabilities and state of the art scoring capabilities.

Patients come into the Center for Sleep Disorders in the evening, spend the night and are able to leave in the morning in time to go to work or resume their normal schedule. Within ten days, results of the sleep study are scored, read by the physician and available for a follow-up physician office visit.

A sleep study helps to diagnose sleep disorders that may be causing not only disruptions in sleep and fatigue, but other health concerns. Learn more about the latest advancements in sleep medicine at Skagit Regional Health or call 360-428-2550 to schedule an appointment with one of our sleep medicine team members.