Comprehensive Laboratory Services

Lab tech examines resultsSkagit Regional Health provides a full-service laboratory on-site at both Skagit Valley Hospital and Cascade Valley Hospital. This provides quick and accurate test results, ensuring the most recent information is available for your clinical team at all times.

Many Skagit Regional Health clinic locations offer lab collection on-site, as well, making it easy to get bloodwork or a urinalysis done before or after an appointment with your provider. Samples collected at one of our clinics are processed in the laboratory at the closest Skagit Regional Health hospital location.

While in the hospital, lab results are usually provided to your clinical care team and shared with you when your provider visits your room. For clinic lab results, patients must often wait for a call back from their provider, once the lab results are returned to the clinic. For quicker lab results, patients are encouraged to sign up for the myChart Patient Portal. Often, labs are available to view in MyChart before a clinician reviews them and calls each patient.