Understanding Emergency Care

The Highest Standard in Emergency Care

Emergency Trauma Unit Airlift TeamOur team of emergency medicine specialists Emergency Department physicians, trauma surgeons, trauma-certified nurses, radiology specialists, lab technicians, CT scan imaging specialists and other ancillary service team members such as pharmacists or physical therapists. Our entire team is available if and when needed to quickly provide high-quality care and determine steps for your injury or urgent condition. Moreover, they have Skagit Regional Health’s entire system of care supporting them with the full range of diagnostic imaging tests or advanced evaluations by our team of clinical specialists, if needed.

As part of Washington’s statewide trauma system, the Emergency Departments at Skagit Valley Hospital and Cascade Valley Hospital will make sure you receive the highest standard of care. That might mean you will be treated in our Emergency Department and admitted to one of our inpatient units, discharged home with instructions and a follow up with your provider or transferred to a tertiary care hospital by ambulance or air ambulance. The most important factor in taking care of a medical emergency is to get to the closest Emergency Department as soon as possible.

Wrap Around Services Available through Skagit Regional Health

Financial assistance for patients with undue hardship in paying for healthcare services is available through Skagit Regional Health’s Financial Assistance Program. Ask our registration staff if you’d like more information on this program.

Social Work Services are also available. If you would like to speak with a social worker, please let an emergency staff member know.

Skagit Regional Health provides translation and interpreter services for those who speak languages other than English or who may be hearing impaired. Please ask our staff for assistance.