Skagit Regional Health Diagnostic Imaging Expertise

Diagnostic imaging services are used in nearly every clinical specialty at Skagit Regional Health to detect disease and assess injury. It plays an important role throughout the continuum of care in keeping our patients healthy and helping them recover.

If an imaging test has been ordered for you, know that a certified technologist will conduct your exam either at one of our facilities or at a partnering facility in the area. As part of Skagit Regional Health’s comprehensive system of care, these imaging specialists are highly trained and certified in a wide range of imaging modalities, keeping your care and comfort as their top priority.

What to Expect During Your Test

Navigating healthcare can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re dealing with a new diagnosis. We pride ourselves on providing individualized, patient-centered care and have provided a few tips below to help you prepare for your diagnostic imaging test.

Before your test:

  • Follow instructions provided by your provider, such as when to eat or drink.
  • If you’re allergic to contrast or there’s a chance you’re pregnant, please inform someone on the team prior to the test.
  • For some nuclear medicine tests, you’ll first receive an injection and then will have to wait a period of time for the tracer to work through the body before actually taking the test. In these cases, you’ll be given a time to return to the registration to check back in.
  • If you have an appointment, arrive 15 minutes beforehand to check in and fill out paperwork.

While you’re here:

Please understand our schedule can be impacted by emergency cases requiring use of the imaging equipment. Staff will communicate any delays with you if this occurs.

Learn more about what to expect before, during and following your test.

For More Information about Diagnostic Imaging at Skagit Regional Health

If you have questions about diagnostic imaging tests at Skagit Regional Health, call 360-428-2168 to learn more about services.