Providing Exceptional Women’s Health Services in Your Community

Skagit Regional Health offers an excellent team of obstetricians, gynecologists and midwives, with varied subspecialty experience, who serve women from Skagit, Island and north Snohomish communities. Our Women’s Health Services provides all the experience of large medical centers and offers the very latest in evidence-based care. This means we integrate clinical expertise with the best available clinical evidence from research and best practices, conveniently located in your community.

New mother and babyOur board-certified physicians take pride in spending time with each patient, listening and responding to your questions and concerns. Our providers offer an encouraging and compassionate approach to the diagnosis, treatment and management of any OB/GYN condition, including pregnancy. For any level of care at any phase of life, our team is available to meet your medical needs, from routine visits to urgent or emergency care, if required.

Multidisciplinary Team Provides Stability of Care

The multidisciplinary OB/GYN team at Skagit Regional Health is highly proficient in all areas of women’s health. Using the most advanced technology, they provide excellent continuity of care for women who live with acute and chronic female health conditions. Our team of specialists includes:

  • Board-certified gynecologic surgeons
  • Board-certified obstetricians
  • OB/GYN-trained registered nurses
  • OB/GYN-trained certified nurse midwives

Why Choose Women’s Services at Skagit Regional Health

At Skagit Regional Health women’s services, our board-certified physicians have the knowledge, experience and expertise to care for women at any life stage. Along with our convenient locations in the community, we take pride in assisting our neighbors with the following health services:

Learn More About Expert Women’s Health Services

If you have questions about women’s services at Skagit Regional Health, please call 360-428-2575 to reach the Mount Vernon clinic or 360-435-0242 to reach the Arlington clinic. With a range of expert providers at convenient locations, our team provides the care you need at any point in life.