Comprehensive Family Medicine - Smokey Point

Our team of highly trained doctors at Skagit Regional Health Family Medicine Services treat individuals or the entire family - from newborns to the elderly. In addition to your routine health needs, our family medicine specialists can help you and your family manage acute or chronic diseases. We now offer convenient access to Family Medicine in Smokey Point, so healthcare is easier to manage with busy family schedules.


Family Medicine in Smokey Point

Board-certified family medicine physicians see patients at Skagit Regional Health - Smokey Point. Our highly-skilled providers are trained across a wide range of medical services – both in pediatric and adult medicine. With this broad clinical training, our team is able to provide comprehensive care for every member of your family. Our team offers a patient-centered approach to care and has the clinical training for not only primary care services, but also a range of specialty services, including:


Meet Our Team

Family Medicine clinics are often the first place a patient visits in their healthcare journey. This could be for annual wellness exams or perhaps following an illness or injury. Skagit Regional Health Family Medicine provides are highly trained, with extensive experience treating individuals or the entire family.

From births to firsts, and toward building a long term relationship with our patients, the Family Medicine providers at Skagit Regional Health- Smokey Point are here to help you feel like your best self.   


Our newest location in Smokey Point offers quick access off of I-5, with additional diagnostic imaging, lab and specialty services just a few steps away. Our highly-skilled provides also offer MyChart Video Visits for patients unable to attend in-person appointments.

At Skagit Regional Health, we provide high-quality care for the entire family - with a familiar smile.


Provider checking youth ear during exam