Cardiac Cares Capital Campaign

The Skagit Regional Health Foundation Board of Trustees has made the commitment to raise $3 million to fund state-of-the-art cardiac diagnostic imaging equipment for two catheterization labs in Skagit Regional Health’s Heart and Vascular Institute


The Institute provides outstanding cardiovascular care to more than 3,000 patients from 15 different communities/cities/zip codes each year.

Employees in Cath Lab

A Growing Need for Advanced Cardiovascular Care

The statistics are hard to ignore. Heart disease continues to be the leading cause of death in the U.S. for both men and women. Where each year, one in seven adults die from the disease. You probably know someone who has struggled with heart disease. A parent. A sibling. A neighbor. A friend. The good news is that cardiovascular disease is highly treatable when diagnosed early. 

An investment in having the best cardiac imaging services available is what our community deserves. Imaging technology has improved immensely and has proven to increase the accuracy of early detection. It allows for more precise interventional cardiac procedures like those that open blocked arteries and place the heartbeat back into rhythm. Most importantly, this new diagnostic technology will provide our cardiologists with quicker results and improve overall outcomes for Skagit Regional Health patients. 


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