Acute Respiratory Clinic

Skagit Regional Health has an Acute Respiratory Clinic (ARC) to provide walk-in care for COVID-19 and flu symptoms.


ARC - Mount VernonAcute Respiratory Clinic - Mount Vernon - 120 South 13th Street, Mount Vernon
This location is on the north west side of the Skagit Valley Hospital campus. Please click here for a map.

Although our primary site focusing on the treatment and testing of potential COVID-19 patients is the ARC, patients are welcome to visit any of our three, conveniently located Urgent Care locations as well. Our team has protocols in place to quickly identify, manage, test and treat patients of various infectious conditions, including COVID-19.

Upon identification that a patient may be presenting with potential COVID-19 symptoms, our team will direct them to a pre-determined waiting area away from other patients. This is where a member of our care team will retrieve the patient in order to care for them. We have established decontamination procedures for both the waiting areas as well as our treatment rooms following care of patients with any potentially infectious conditions. For more information about our quality and safety protocols, please visit our Patient Care After COVID-19 page. 


While most people who have COVID-19 may have few to no symptoms, some patients may develop a more severe illness with symptoms including:Lady with fever

  • Fever of 100.4 or higher
  • Cough
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Diarrhea
  • Lack of Taste or Smell

If you experience these symptoms, remember the following:

  • If you are experiencing symptoms like cough, fever or other respiratory problems, please visit our Acute Respiratory Clinic or call your regular doctor.
  • If you are short of breath, call 911.

Do not go to the emergency room unless essential. Emergency rooms need to be able to serve those with the most critical needs.


If you have been tested of for COVID-19 and are awaiting results, please stay home and self-isolate. DO NOT attend gatherings of any kind or run errands. Should your symptoms worsen and you have difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, call 911.

Due to high volumes of testing in the region, the turnaround time for receiving results is generally 48 - 72 hours but can take up to a week.


Patients receiving treatment at any Skagit Regional Health facility, including the Acute Respiratory Clinic, will incur appropriate medical charges for their visit. Patients will provide proof of insurance during their visit, or request to private pay.  The Office of the Insurance Commissioner has some great information for government resources available to patients without health insurance.