Comprehensive Spinal Program

At Skagit Regional Health, our team of orthopedic experts are highly trained to treat spinal conditions with surgical and nonsurgical solutions. We offer a comprehensive spinal program backed by a full-service health system, which means we look at you as a whole person, taking into consideration your unique needs and lifestyle while assessing your condition, determining treatment and planning your rehabilitation.

Providing excellent, high-quality, individualized care to you is our top priority, so we take a very strong, evidence-based approach to improving your spinal health. Team members, from primary care physicians to subspecialty surgeons, work together to promote the best outcomes for you and your individual needs.

Expertise Makes a Difference

Manos examines the spine of a patientSkagit Regional Health’s Orthopedic Spine Program includes a dedicated team of board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons, physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and pain management specialists. Members of our team have comprehensive knowledge of the musculoskeletal system, with training in both neuro-spine and ortho-spine, and have been instrumental in advancing spinal care.

Everything is connected to and affected by spine health, which is why understanding and addressing issues with the spine are crucial. Skagit Regional Health offers a one-stop shop, where patients can be diagnosed, treated and rehabilitated within one health system. This allows our team to easily collaborate and connect with colleagues and other specialists in more complex cases.

Diagnosing Your Condition

Musculoskeletal conditions can be tricky to diagnose. One problem can be masked by another, which is why it is extremely important to go to experts who know how to accurately assess and treat a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions.

While diagnosing your condition, we will assess your gait and gait mechanics in order to determine the cause of pain or mobility issues. We will also use diagnostic imaging, along with a physical exam, to better define and identify the cause of your pain or mobility issues.

Skagit’s Spinal Treatment Approach

We take a comprehensive and compassionate approach to musculoskeletal issues. Working with you and your family, we will consider what treatment options are right for your condition and lifestyle. We consider nonsurgical solutions whenever possible, leaving surgery as a last resort. For instance, tight hip flexors can be the cause of a number of spinal issues and can be worked out through physical therapy rather than surgery. Likewise, flat back deformity can be corrected through physical therapy. Injections, bracing, acupuncture and other minimally invasive, nonsurgical solutions are used as an initial approach whenever possible.

When Surgery is Necessary

Because every patient is unique and every condition is different, we take an individualized approach, often using the most minimally invasive manner to best address your needs. If surgery is the best option for you, our spine surgeon is specially trained in both neuro-spine and ortho-spine care. This means our spine specialist is an expertly trained sub-specialist in both neurology and orthopedics so your spine’s total health and function are addressed. We will take a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to walk you through all the stages of orthopedic surgery, from diagnosis to rehabilitation, to help put you on the path to recovery for optimal outcomes.

Surgical Revisions

If you’ve already had surgery and are not recovering as planned, we can help you. We’ll first look at your original surgical approach to determine whether it was the best approach for your unique situation. We will also evaluate whether the technical aspects of surgery have healed properly and consider your rehabilitation experience. We will discuss all surgical and nonsurgical solutions to get you feeling better without ongoing issues.

For More Information about Skagit Regional Health’s Spine Expertise

If you are suffering from spine pain, back problems or have questions about your spinal health, our spinal experts can help. For more information about our Spine Program at Skagit Regional Health, contact our team today.