Nurse Helps Fellow Shopper

Feb 13, 2019
Headshot of Janelle Saville, RN

Janelle Saville, RN was doing some shopping recently at Bellingham’s WinCo with two of her three children when she heard a strange yell.

“I heard someone yell and the sound gave me goosebumps,” she said. “Then I heard the sound again.”

A Registered Nurse who works in the Medical and Pediatric Care unit at Skagit Valley Hospital in Mount Vernon, Janelle gave her children instructions to stay put while she investigated what was going on. She found a group of people gathered around a gentleman who was on the floor, bleeding from his mouth and unresponsive.

Janelle’s compassion for others and health care training kicked into gear. She started by performing CPR and stayed with the man until paramedics arrived.

“People didn’t know what to do and no one was helping him,” she said. “In that moment, you don’t think, you just do.”

CPR quickly worked and the man, who did not speak English, started breathing again and he looked into Janelle’s eyes. She knew she had just played a role in saving a life.

“You have no idea what that feels like,” she said. “That’s a nice gentle reminder of my purpose and why I am a nurse. It was a very big eye opener for me. I am glad I was there that day.”

Janelle also encourages everyone to get CPR training.

“We need to get our community members into CPR training,” she said. “It’s something we should all know how to do.”