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Healthcare Week 2024 - Celebrating SRH employees

SRH employees pose with bags and ice cream

Skagit Regional Health celebrated employees in a variety of ways for National Healthcare Week this year, all centered on the theme of ‘Celebrating You.’

“Our primary goal when we planned events for this week was for staff and providers to walk away feeling cared about, reconnected and proud to work at SRH,” said Tracey Elfstrom, Regional Director of Organizational and Leadership Development. “We received feedback from staff across the system that it is still hard to feel connected after COVID. Since connection is such an important part of overall wellness, that led us to include the key areas we can all focus on to taking care of ourselves.”

Those things turned into the inspiration for the events throughout the week – centered on the ideas of connect, nourish, hydrate, appreciate, play and rest.

Events included the following:

Pop-up wellness events took place in common areas of the three main locations of Skagit Regional Health. These included several booths for employees to receive appreciation gifts and connect with each other.

Dress-Up Days, daily prize drawings and Awe Walks added to the fun throughout the week.

There is a lot of coordinating that goes into these events. The Executive Leadership Team sponsored the week-long event, with the Employee Experience Team establishing the overall plan. From there, the Organizational Development Department took the lead on planning and coordination. Food Services helped coordinate the food deliveries, the Marketing Team developed the logo and communications, leaders volunteered to help with the events, the Materials Management team delivered supplies to all of the locations, Engineering set up and removed tables, the print shop supported printing needs, the Foundation staff and board along with Whidbey Coffee provided discount coffee coupons and EVS assisted with event clean-up. It was definitely a team effort!