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Hospice of the Northwest awarded CHAP accreditation

Community Health Accreditation Partner, Inc. (CHAP) recently announced that Hospice of the Northwest has once again been awarded CHAP accreditation under the CHAP Hospice Standards of Excellence.

Community Health Accreditation Partner Seal of Accreditation

CHAP accreditation demonstrates that Hospice of the Northwest meets the industry’s highest nationally-recognized standards. The rigorous evaluation by CHAP focuses on structure, function, quality of services, human and financial resources and long-term viability. Simply stated, adherence to CHAP’s standards leads to better quality care.

Hospice of the Northwest received some special accolades from the site visitor, who conducted the CHAP survey over the course of five days:

  • Volunteer Program: We often express our admiration and appreciation for  our incredible volunteers. They deserve our applause! Medicare requires that 5% of all patient care hours are provided by volunteers. The site visitor noted that since COVID-19, many hospice facilities have struggled to have 1-2% of patient hours provided by volunteers. However, Hospice of the Northwest volunteers provided a whopping 12% of patient care hours in 2022!
  • Bereavement Program: The site visitor also applauded the services our  bereavement team provides. She described our bereavement program as one of the best in the nation and said our model should be emulated by other hospice providers.
  • Nurses: During the CHAP survey, the site visitor accompanies hospice staff on patient visits to evaluate the care being provided. While surveying a nurse conduct random chart reviews, she found zero medication reconciliation errors. She said this was a first in her career!

Please join us in congratulating the Hospice of the Northwest team on this remarkable achievement!