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Palliative and Spiritual Care at Skagit Regional Health

The Palliative and Spiritual Care Department at Skagit Regional Health provides emotional and spiritual support for patients, families, staff and providers.

At the heart of this department is the chaplain. The chaplain’s role is to provide psycho-spiritual support for patients and their families, friends, circles of care, as well as for staff and providers. This is done through one-to-one and family meetings, and through the development and implementation of staff and provider peer support practices and services for both severe chronic and acute stressors.

Chapel at SVH

The chaplain offers spiritual support and counsel to meet spiritual and emotional needs. This includes, though not limited to:

  • Spiritual presence, perspective and interventions including active listening, skilled comforting touch, spiritual counseling and prayer.
  • Participating in family meetings (to consider goals of care, address communication concerns, etc.).
  • Advance care planning and, at times, considering the appropriateness and desire for hospice referral.
  • Facilitating community clergy visits and rituals for hospitalized patients.

We are dedicated to understanding and satisfying our patients' needs and committed to your improved well-being. Anyone can make a referral for spiritual care or services. Chaplains may provide additional support especially in the following situations: new diagnosis, end-of-life decisions and care, fetal demise, special religious concerns that affect medical treatment and additional care for patients who are far from home or without support systems.