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August Construction Update: Mount Vernon Surgery Center

Inside looking down stairwell surrounded by windows looking out onto a street.

The general contractor’s work on construction of the new Skagit Regional Health - Mount Vernon Surgery Center is nearing completion as the crew from BNBuilders wraps up the details

Work on interior final finishes and “punch list” detail items is under way and on schedule to reach substantial completion on August 21, when the contractor turns the building over to Skagit Regional Health.

The landscaping is nearing completion, parking lot paving and striping is done and exterior signage will go up in September. Review of the internal wayfinding program, which will feature several computer screens to stay current on our provider roster, is under way.

Once Skagit Regional Health has full access to the building, installation of computers, phones, equipment and furniture will begin in earnest. The plan is to have all medical equipment installed by October 31.

Excitement is growing as the building nears completion. The outpatient surgery center will create a new and improved experience for our patients having elective surgery

Operating room still in construction.

“Mount Vernon Surgery Center is designed to enhance the patient experience for outpatient surgery and endoscopy procedures. By being on the first floor, we’ve reduced the anxiety of patients and family members looking to check in or pick up their loved ones,” said Matthew Ornelas, MBA, Ambulatory Surgery Center Administrator. “The patient’s ride pick-up spot is conveniently located next to the post-op area so our patients will no longer need to take elevators or walk down long hallways after their surgery or procedures.”

The new facility will also feature some of the latest in technology and will allow Skagit Regional Health to expand our surgical capabilities.

“On top of the smaller footprint, we also have an abundance of technology in place that will protect our patients and allow the staff to focus on patient care,” Ornelas said. “And, we are very excited about how Mount Vernon Surgery Center will expand our organization’s surgical capability, allowing surgical services to continue growing and providing care to the patients of this region.”

Plant Operations Program Manager Michelle Gjersee, who has played an integral role in the project planning, is pleased to look at the goals set out in the project charter and know that those are being met for the benefit of patients

“I believe, now that we are upon construction completion, that our goals have largely been met. Calming and welcoming

Construction workers install a patio on an outdoor deck.

colors with cleanable materials, large lobbies, waiting spaces flanked with windows and a quick patient pick-up location are design elements that show how we have achieved a patient-centric facility and demonstrate that Skagit Regional Health puts our patients first in all that we do,” Gjersee said. “Our design is also competitive for staff and providers as we have included employer-of-choice elements such as a large, covered outdoor break patio, an open office concept on the second floor to promote workplace community, a dedicated lactation room and a full A/V conference room.”

Gjersee noted that the exterior of the building was designed with the neighborhood community in mind, using wood and stone elements that complement the neighboring facilities.

“There is a sense of accomplishment for the entire team as we see our objectives and intentions come to life throughout construction,” Gjersee said.

A public open house is scheduled for Saturday, December 2 and the first patients will be seen on December 12.


Above: Stairwell painting and lighting are complete
Middle: Operating room #1
Bottom: Outdoor patio installation