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Theo's Therapy Journey

Theo plays with parent in Children's Therapy

Once upon a time, almost 20 years ago, Skagit Valley Hospital established a children’s program to enhance the lives of the smallest in the land with occupational, physical and speech language  therapy. What began as a small undertaking has grown to a program that provides about 800 therapy sessions for children each month. Many families don’t anticipate taking this path less traveled, but  are loved by the therapists that become part of their family’s team  encouraging their child’s development

Five-year-old Theo, and his parents began their weekly journey to Skagit Regional Health’s Children’s Therapy over 4 years ago. Theo was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI), also known as brittle bone disease. OI is an inherited disease in which bones break easily, often with minimal weight bearing.

Though fragile in skeletal frame, Theo is mighty in spirit and easily engages with others. His parents realize that Theo is more than his diagnosis, and encourage him to experience play as other children. At times he uses a wheelchair, gait trainer or other adaptive devices.

Theo with Children's Therapy Team in front of treadmill

Theo laughs and jokes as he works through his therapy. He benefits from the Litegait treadmill to help him stand so that he can safely strengthen his muscles. With his ever-changing healthcare challenges, Theo demonstrates determination and is learning to move safely. Although limited in some ways, his ability to encourage others is limitless

Since the Children’s Therapy Program opened its doors in 2004, donors of the Skagit Regional Health’s Foundation have provided the necessary resources to impact the lives of the youngest rehabilitation patients, like Theo. 

Skagit Regional Health Foundation donors dream, dare, donate to truly make a difference! What could be better than helping a child and their family have a happy and successful journey to share?

Won’t you continue to assure more  encouraging stories like this one?

Please partner with us and make a lasting impact on the lives of our youngest patients. 

Children's Therapy QR Code

The Children’s Therapy Program needs to enhance its therapies with additional technology, replacement of aging equipment and the addition of new devices to promote independence and growth.

Opportunities to support this program are available by scanning the QR code or giving a donation online.