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How do you know if it's time for a hip replacement?

Dr.Sheu and PatientSkagit Regional Health's comprehensive  orthopedic team has experience and expertise to diagnose conditions of the hip and perform leading-edge  surgeries for partial or total hip replacement.

Knowing when it is time for a hip replacement may not be as complicated as it seems. “It’s time for a hip replacement when a patient can’t do the normal things in their life, are worried their leg will give way and they will fall, or they can’t sleep at night due to pain,” said Michael Picco, DO.

“As patients develop arthritis and increasing hip pain, they often move through a progression of treatments before considering surgery including anti-inflammatory medications, injections, physical therapy, and arthroscopy,” said Christopher Sheu, MD.

Talk to your provider to make sure you are a candidate for hip replacement. Our orthopedic surgeons note that patients must have a Body Mass Index of 40 or less; have good diabetes control with an A1C level of no more than 7.5 or 8; and the selection of which surgical approach is used will depend on the patient’s anatomy including the shape of the femur and patient size.

ortho patient on a hike

Preparing to go home from the hospital is also essential. The doctors note that patients need help at home for at least a week, will need an assistive device, first a walker, then a cane, for at least a month. Special arrangements may need to be made for a home with stairs.

Skagit Regional Health offers a Total Joint Class to assist patients in preparing for before and after their hospital stay.