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The Be Well Podcast: Why I Work at Skagit Regional Health

Listen in or read the partial transcript below as Connie Thornton, RN, shares with us why she chose nursing, why she enjoys working at Skagit Valley Hospital, and what makes Skagit Regional Health different.

Evo Terra (host): It takes a dedicated team of medical professionals to make a healthcare system work, both for patients and for the staff. What makes Skagit Regional Health different? Let's find out. This is Be Well with Skagit Regional Health. Thanks for joining us. I'm Evo Terra. And my guest today is Connie Thornton. She's an RN at Skagit Regional Health. And I have one very big question for Connie. Why do you work at Skagit Regional Health?

Be Well Podcast - Connie Thornton Why I work Here

Connie Thornton, RN: Hey, Evo. Thanks so much for having me. Wow. Because this is the place where I want to finish out my career as a nurse. I've worked multiple different places and this is the place where I landed because it's the place that has given me the most joy in nursing.

Evo Terra (host): Well, it's good to find that place where you figure out, this is my fit, or a fit at least for me. That's a good thing. Let's get specific about your role there at Skagit Valley Hospital. How long have you worked there again?

Connie Thornton, RN: I've been here a little over seven years. And for the first, I want to say five-ish years, I worked bedside on the medical pediatric floor. And then, one of the nurses who was in the SOU, the special observation unit, piqued my interest and said, "Gosh, you know, have you ever thought about coming down and doing this?" And I thought, I can't do that. And she said, "Oh, yes you can." And so now, I work in the special observation unit. We admit and recover patients who are in the cath lab, different types of heart-associated diagnoses as well as interventional radiology. So, we do all different kinds of things. Heart caths, pacers, angioplasty, just all different kinds of things.

To listen to the podcast or read the full transcript, visit here.