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Station Square construction phase nearing completion

If you have driven by Skagit Regional Health - Station Square in downtown Mount Vernon recently, you have likely noticed several exterior improvements. Landscaping outside the clinic is now complete and an electric vehicle charging station has been installed near the northwest side of the building. Inside, a major milestone was reached with the installation of the clinic’s X-ray unit.

The construction phase of the Station Square project is on schedule to receive final approval before the end of November. Once the construction phase concludes, the fences around the building will come down and SRH staff will focus efforts on the finishing details inside. After months of planning, teams will set up IS equipment, add wayfinding and hang art. Furniture will be moved in and supply rooms will be stocked in preparation for the clinic’s opening on January 9, 2023.   

What’s inside Station Square?

Urgent Care will move from Skagit Regional Clinics - Mount Vernon to the first floor of Station Square, offering a larger space and enhanced patient privacy for the treatment of non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. Diagnostic Imaging and Lab are also located on the first floor. X-ray is available for scheduled appointments and walk-ins. The lab collection area, featuring two draw stations, is intended to serve patients at Station Square. This site will utilize a mobile phlebotomy model with lab assistants collecting samples in exam rooms, reducing the need for patients to visit a separate department during their visit.

The majority of the building is dedicated to Family Medicine offices, which occupy the second and third floors. 

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