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Robin Ozaki, BSN, RN, receives DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses

Congratulations to Robin Ozaki, BSN, RN, from the Family Birth Center at Skagit Valley Hospital

The  DAISY Award® for Extraordinary Nurses recognizes and honors the super-human work nurses do for patients and families every day. This award is presented to nurses who have been nominated as an outstanding role model for their clinical skill and providing compassionate care.

Nurses who receive DAISY awards consistently meet the following criteria: 

  • Demonstrates excellent medical evaluation skills.
  • Demonstrates excellent decision-making capabilities.
  • Interacts with patients, families, and staff in a professional and personable manner.
  • Provides a consistent focus on meeting patient and family goals.
  • Is thoughtful and caring in all situations.
  • Works well with all members of the healthcare team.
  • Demonstrates consistent use of the nursing process in patient care.
  • Excellent educator of patients and their families.
  • Generates enthusiasm and energy towards meeting the challenges of nursing.
Skagit Regional Health Daisy Award Nominee Robin Ozaki, BSN, RN

Read the story included in Robin's nomination form:

"Robin has been working diligently for the last 2+ years on a perinatal loss community burial program to support those patients who have had a miscarriage at less than 20 weeks. She has reached out to other organizations for their program details and protocols. She has attended conferences and has talked with many professionals who have knowledge about these programs nationwide. She has, on her own, talked with several local funeral homes and found a partner with Kern’s Funeral Home in Mount Vernon and Mount Vernon Cemetery. Robin is implementing a practice of respectful disposition and providing transparent answers to patients. Robin is currently working with a non-profit group to secure funding for this program. Robin’s passion for these women and their families is brilliant. She has shared her vision with the Family Birth Center staff and with the providers as well and has their support. It is nurses like Robin that bring their gifts to the women of our community in order to help them heal. This “birth” should be celebrated and Robin is making sure that this organization will do just that!"

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