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Nurse sets off on next international mission

Jun 24, 2019, 11:26 AM
Learn about Miriam Witt, RN and her international trip to help people in need.
Miriam Witt
Miriam Witt, a Registered Nurse at Skagit Valley Hospital’s Orthopedic and Surgical Care unit, is headed on her next international trip to help people in need.
This time, she will spend a week in South America on the border of Colombia and Venezuela where thousands of Venezuelan refugees are suffering from malnutrition, have no access to clean water and a lack of medical care. Since 2015, more than 3.7 million people have left Venezuela and an estimated 1 million have found refuge in the relative safety of Colombia. 
Witt said she has heard the situation called “the largest humanitarian crisis in the Western hemisphere” and she decided to participate in the refugee relief effort with the international organization Third Wave Volunteers.
“These are women and children. That’s what’s pulling at my heartstrings,” Witt said during an interview before her trip. “Some of these people walk hundreds of miles just to leave Venezuela. They need foot care, clean water, someone to care for them.”
Witt is familiar with the challenges of international service having made two trips to Nepal after major earthquakes in 2015 and a spent a stint along the border between Syria and Jordan in the Middle East where violence and civil war ravaged the land and the people.
“It’s so sad to see,” she said. It’s a calling that Witt continues to feel and respond to. “We’re all under the same sky,” she said. “I don’t look at living my life just for myself, I want to give back.”
There are similarities, she said, in her role as a nurse in an international setting and in a hospital in Mount Vernon. “That is the beauty of nursing,” she said. “We can meet people where they are at and take care of them.”
A native of Mount Vernon, Witt attended Skagit Valley College (SVC) and received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Washington. She is a clinical nursing instructor at SVC and will start a master’s program this fall.


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