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Midwifery returns to Mount Vernon

Jun 12, 2019, 13:53 PM
Skagit Regional Health is expanding the midwifery program with the recent recruitment of two additional midwives which will restart the program in Mount Vernon and expand services in Arlington.
MidwiferyJessica Hurwitz, CNM, joined Arlington Women’s Health in late April, working alongside Cindy Beske, CNM.
Becky Knight, CNM, started her practice at Skagit Regional Health in February, marking the return of midwifery at Skagit Regional Health in Mount Vernon.
“We are very pleased to continue to expand our midwifery program,” said Pam New, BSN, RN, Director of Women’s Health and Pediatrics. “Our Certified Nurse Midwives offer a unique birth experience that is a partnership with the patient and family, while in the hospital birth center. This allows them to create an experience that is tailored to personal preferences and health needs while utilizing the benefits of hospital resources.”
Certified Nurse Midwives are independent health care providers who specialize in women’s health, including pregnancy and delivery as well as general women’s wellness and health care exams.
Midwives care for low- and moderate-risk pregnancies, and can potentially co-manage higher-risk patients with a physician.
Midwives provide well-woman care including annual exams and pap smears.
For information about the midwifery program, contact Arlington Women’s Health at 360-435-0242 or Mount Vernon Women’s Health at 360-428-2575.


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