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New patient beds improve safety

Jun 6, 2019, 14:14 PM
New Patient Beds improve safety
New patient beds arrived at Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington and Skagit Valley Hospital in Mount Vernon this spring to improve patient comfort and safety.
Skagit Regional Health ordered 120 new Hill-Rom beds for patients in the two acute care hospitals as an initiative to improve the patient and employee experience. This represents an investment of more than $1 million.
The new Centrella beds offer improved safety and features. For patients, the design and improved alarms will assist with falls prevention. The bed side rail has an electronic port for charging cell phones, iPads, Kindle, Nook and other devices for convenience. 
The beds also promote patient safety with a visual indicator that shows the bed is locked and the bed alarm is on which can be seen from the hallway. They also have an innovative mattress to decrease pressure ulcers.
For employees, the beds are designed for easier transfer of patients to help avoid employee injuries as they assist in sliding the patient to the top of the bed with minimal staff assistance and have a “Slide Guard” feature that helps prevent patients from sliding down in bed. 


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