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Skagit Regional Health partners with YMCA

Feb 5, 2019, 09:18 AM

Skagit Regional Health began offering sports medicine and orthopedic physical therapy inside the new Skagit Valley Family YMCA in January 2019.

The new 57,000 square foot YMCA was the result of an extensive community fundraising effort spanning several years, and opened in early 2019 at 1901 Hoag Road in Mount Vernon. The new YMCA features an aquatic center, gym, community room, learning kitchen, “Kids Zone,” changing rooms and a wellness center with a running track and exercise equipment.

Skagit Regional Health occupies approximately 1,600 square feet on the first floor for physical therapy services.

“This setting really suits the needs of our patients as it offers a convenient space where our physical therapists can work with patients, who can then also access the equipment and facilities of the YMCA in the same building,” said Candace Wittenberg, Director of Rehabilitation Services for Skagit Regional Health. “There is a natural connection between our two programs that benefits the patients we serve.”

More than 60 percent of patients seen for physical therapy do so for sports or orthopedic injuries, Wittenberg said.

In the future, Skagit Regional Health is looking to expand services at the site by starting an aquatics program using the YMCA pool facilities, Wittenberg said.

YMCA officials say they are delighted with the partnership and future potential opportunities to work together.

“What a privilege it is to serve our Skagit communities together in partnership with Skagit Regional Health. The Skagit Valley Family YMCA is grateful for the many partnerships that have made this new building possible,” said Dean Snider, the YMCA’s Chief Executive Officer. “Teaming together in this new fabulous building will facilitate a seamless transition from injury rehabilitation through to healthy lifestyle fitness routines and effective injury or re-injury prevention. There may be other ways that, in working together, we can benefit residents of Skagit Valley. We look forward to exploring those possibilities.”

Skagit Regional Health also offers physical therapy services at Skagit Valley Hospital in Mount Vernon and Cascade Valley Hospital in Arlington.



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