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The Skagit Valley Hospital Mental Health Center Achieves 100 Percent Score!

Dec 20, 2018, 14:51 PM

In 2017 and 2018, the Mental Health Center at Skagit Valley Hospital achieved consecutive 100 percent scores during licensing and certificate review by the state Department of Health Division of Behavioral Health. This is an incredible achievement by leadership and staff at the Mental Health Center. 

Most recently, surveyors from the state came on-site at Skagit Valley Hospital in December 2018 for a comprehensive review of clinical files. This included a thorough review of restraints, seclusion, involuntary/ voluntary holds and compelled medications. Additionally, psychiatry, legal and clinical staff documentation was reviewed to ensure it met the stringent criteria of specific Washington Administrative Codes.

During the visit, there was also an in-depth facility review, personnel review and quality plan review. Because the Mental Health Center has a separate license than the rest of the organization, this every two-year review must be passed to ensure the renewal of the licensure.

During the exit interview for the 2018 visit, the reviewers noted that the Skagit Valley Hospital Mental Health Center scored 100 percent with zero deficiencies. A 100 percent score is something that has only been recorded by the Department of Health one other time in Washington, two years ago, also at Skagit Regional Health’s Mental Health Center at Skagit Valley Hospital.

Licensed for 15 beds, the Skagit Valley Hospital Mental Health Center staff includes 40 employees and three full-time psychiatrists under the direction of Clinical Manager Holly Nielsen. 


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