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Seattle Children's providers on duty with Skagit Regional Health

Dec 20, 2018, 14:33 PM
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Pediatricians from Seattle Children’s are on the job 24/7 at Skagit Valley Hospital to care for the youngest of patients. With the continuum of care provided across the Skagit Regional Health system, pediatric patients needing this higher level of care can be transferred from other locations to Skagit Valley Hospital – avoiding a difficult trip to Seattle.

This team of seven physicians – known as pediatric hospitalists – bring a high level of training in caring for children, plus a close connection to the resources and specialists of Seattle Children’s, ranked by U.S. News & World Report among the nation’s best children’s hospitals. This enhanced connection was established in 2011 when Skagit Valley Hospital partnered with Seattle Children’s to provide Pediatric Hospitalist services locally.

This regional team is in close communication with colleagues at Seattle Children’s and they participate in training and quality improvement projects, all linked to the latest in evidence-based care for children. The doctors are then able to deploy the same standard of care for patients in the community.

“We are an extension of the main campus and we are relied on to keep children safely in our community, rather than automatically sending children to Seattle,” said Pediatric Hospitalist Barbara Geraghty, MD. “We are practicing the same standard of care as patients would see at Seattle Children’s, but we’re right here.”

“We get patients where they need to be for the right level of care,” said Pediatric Hospitalist Jenny Taylor, MD. “If I keep a patient here, I know that this hospital can provide exactly the same level of care here in our community.”

The connection to Seattle Children’s is reassuring to parents, families and patients.

“When people see the vest with the Seattle Children’s logo, they know we’re connected and they love it,” Dr. Taylor said. “It’s a powerful symbol of quality and compassion in this community.”

The pediatric hospitalists at Skagit Valley Hospital can be found in several areas of the hospital. They attend about one third of all births in the Family Birth Center, if there is fetal distress or other high-risk issue. Newborn weight and jaundice checks occur on weekends and holidays when primary clinics are closed. Sick or premature newborns are cared for in the Special Care Nursery, with back-up telemedicine support when needed from Seattle Children’s Neonatologists. They also see children in the Emergency Department, care for children admitted to the hospital, supervise outpatient medication infusions and provide pediatric consults. 

 “We’re there for back up in the birth center,” Dr. Taylor said. “We are truly just around the corner if they need us.”

The doctors enjoy the opportunity to work in the hospital and meet the needs of the youngest patients and their families.

“I like the freedom to give every patient the time and attention they need,” Dr. Taylor said. “It is an incredible privilege to partner with families at such an important time. Even with a normal newborn, if the parents need me to spend an hour, I can spend an hour.”

Serving hospitalized patients is very rewarding, Dr. Geraghty said.

“I very much enjoy helping patients with their acute care needs and supporting families through that time,” Dr. Geraghty said. “Through our partnership with Seattle Children’s, we have the excellent support needed to provide quality care close to home.”


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