Overall Goal for Well-Rounded FM Physicians

Training ClassOur curriculum is designed so that each resident will satisfy all the certification requirements of ACGME. This curriculum promotes learning via structure and supervised exposure based on an educational rather than a service model. Supervision and mentoring are hallmarks of the program, with the residents given additional responsibilities and opportunities as their training and experience warrants. Evaluation is integrated and organized throughout the training. On-call is limited and designed to provide the specific training required of a family physician.

FM Continuity Clinic Experience

  • PGY1: average 2 half days per week
  • PGY2: average 3 half days per week
  • PGY3: average 4 half days per week
  • Continuity Obstetric Care
  • Continuity Nursing Home Care
  • Family Planning Clinic
  • OMT Specialty Clinic
  • Suboxone Clinic

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Ultrasound Training Workshop

Didactic Experiences and Workshops

Didactic workshops are an important part of the Family Medicine Residency Program. They provide residents with opportunities to practice their skills on peers or simulated equipment.