Pre-Procedure Testing

Arlington Specialty ClinicPre-Procedure Screening

Pre-Procedure COVID-19 screening is performed in your vehicle at both the Acute Respiratory Clinic in Mount Vernon and the Arlington COVID-19 Testing Site.

  • For patients screening at the Acute Respiratory Clinic in Mount Vernon, please park on the east side of the building facing Hospital Parkway. Remain in your vehicle and call 360-814-7810. Click here for a detailed map of the campus. 
  • For patients screening at the Arlington COVID-19 Testing Site, please pull up to the indicated parking stalls in front of the Arlington Specialty Clinic and call the number on the sign.

Patients who require pre-procedure testing will be notified by their provider ahead of time and will be given paper instructions for when and how to complete their pre-procedure test. If you have an upcoming procedure and have not received these instructions, please contact your surgical or clinical provider before going to a COVID-19 testing site.

If you have a life threatening illness, injury or urgent health condition, you should seek care right away by calling 911 or visiting the nearest Emergency Room.

Updated: 12/16/2020