Pre-Procedure Testing for Skagit Regional Health Patients

Pre-Procedure Screening

Patients who require pre-procedure testing will be notified by their provider ahead of time and will be given instructions for when and how to complete their pre-procedure test. If you have an upcoming procedure at a Skagit Regional Health facility and have not received these instructions, please contact your surgical or clinical provider.

The majority of pre-procedural COVID-19 testing is performed on the day of procedure at the procedural location. Your clinical or surgical provider may instruct you to obtain a test at a COVID-19 testing site.

If you are instructed to test at a testing site prior to the day of your procedure, that pre-procedure COVID-19 testing must be completed 48 - 72 hours prior to your procedure at any of our outpatient lab locations. 

Once the COVID-19 test is performed, you will be required to remain in quarantine until your procedure date. 

If you have a life-threatening illness, injury or urgent health condition, you should seek care right away by calling 911 or visiting the nearest Emergency Room.

Skagit Regional health is currently offering three tests for COVID-19 and information from the FDA on each one is available at the links below:

Your provider should be able to tell you which test was performed on your specimen.  If you are tested the results are also visible in your “My Chart” account.

Updated: 1/9/23