What You Can Do to Help

COVID-19 cases are increasing rapidly across the state. Healthcare systems in Washington are seeing more patients this fall than they saw during the peak COVID period last spring. Informal social gatherings with friends and family are significantly contributing to the spread. If this trend continues, our healthcare systems are at risk.

Right now, hospitals and health systems can take care of COVID-19 patients and all of the other health care needs in our communities. We want to make sure we can continue to provide for all of these needs. Your actions now are essential to turning the tide and avoiding a crisis. The choices you make today will determine the severity of this situation in the next few weeks.

We can all save lives, protect our families, and ensure health care services remain open and available to meet all the health care needs with a few simple actions:

  • DHow to gather safelyouble down by keeping gatherings small, wearing masks and staying at least six feet apart.
  • Thanksgiving should be immediate family only. We saw a bump in cases after Halloween and Thanksgiving has the potential to be even more devastating.
  • Do not gather indoors with people from outside your household. Gathering indoors is riskier than outdoors.
  • Wear masks, both outdoors and indoors when you are around anyone outside your household.
  • Increase ventilation – keep windows open when inside with anyone outside your household.
  • Limit trips outside your home, including travel.
  • If you must gather for the holidays, quarantine for two weeks prior to ensure you will not infect others and ask others who plan to attend to do the same.