Safe & Expert Care, Every Day

Updated Safety Protocols

Visits to seek healthcare are essential. This includes check-ups, routine and acute care and emergency services.

Our system has increased our already strict safety and cleanliness standards and now offer a number of extended options to receive care as we adjust to the "new normal" in our communities. Please also be assured that our providers are experts that are fully equipped to offer you great care, regardless of your health issue. While COVID-19 is a new virus, viruses and respiratory illnesses are health concerns that our medical professionals manage and treat regularly.    

Patient Care Extended Options

Patients can see their provider virtually, through a MyChart Video Visit, or in person at their clinic. Urgent Care is open extended hours, seven days a week to treat non-life threatening illnesses and injuries.

As always, our Emergency Departments at Cascade Valley Hospital and Skagit Valley Hospital are open 24/7 for medical emergencies. We have taken steps to ensure your safety while in our facilities, including separating patients with respiratory illnesses to avoid any potential spread. We encourage you to visit us when you need safe and reliable care.

Limiting Visitors and Screening Patients

In an effort to keep our patients and staff safe, we have limited visitors to our facilities and screen all patients and employees for COVID-19 symptoms, every day. We have implemented a universal masking policy, so that all patients and employees wear a protective mask at all times. Additionally, patients exhibiting any symptoms identified by CDC COVID-19 guidelines are directed to the appropriate location, separate from non-respiratory illness patients.


Screener takes visitor temperature at CVHCurrently, testing for COVID-19 is offered in two different capacities at Skagit Regional Health; we are testing patients with symptoms and those scheduled for a procedure. Testing with symptoms is available at any of our three, conveniently located Urgent Care locations.

Staff in these locations are well trained and equipped to safely address respiratory illnesses. Our team has protocols in place to quickly identify, manage, test and treat patients of various infectious conditions, including COVID-19.

Individuals who need emergency and inpatient care at one of our hospitals are separated from patients with COVID-19 symptoms. This limits the number of staff interacting with COVID-19 patients and helps to prevent potential spread to others. Additionally, our standard process for respiratory patients is to use “zero pressure” technology that prevents the air from that room moving into other patient rooms or other parts of the building. Patients should not be concerned about airborne illnesses moving through a centralized system.

EVS cleaning hand rail in hallway

Professional Cleaning

Our Environmental Services team operates 24 hours a day, providing our clinics and hospitals with frequent, professional cleaning. Extra attention is given to high-touch surfaces, public spaces and inpatient areas. Quality inspections are performed daily by Environmental Services leadership. We are proud of our team’s focus on cleanliness which has led to consistently high marks from DNV, Skagit Regional Health’s independent accrediting agency, for clean and well-maintained facilities. Our team will continue to work hard to ensure a safe environment for everyone who enters our facilities.