Construction Updates: Station Square

Skagit Regional Health - Station Square is now open! See below for how the project went.

SRH Group - Ground Breaking Station SquareConstruction began in September 2021 with a target opening date of early 2023.

December 2022 - After months of work, the construction phase of Skagit Regional Health – Station Square is complete. Internal teams are hard at work getting the space ready for patients. Furniture and supplies are being delivered; Information Services equipment, wayfinding and art will be installed in the coming weeks and employee training will begin soon. The project remains on track to open to patients on January 9, 2023.

  • Shelley Brencick Higman, DO
  • Elijah Kamermans, MD
  • YuJin Kim, DO   
  • Kimm Layland, PA-C
  • Roger Lee, MD
  • Mark McGrath, MD
  • Tiffany Johns, PA-C
  • Stephanie Wahlgren, ARNP        

Primary care offices will be located on floors two and three of the clinic. Lab, X-ray and Urgent Care will be available on the first floor. Skagit Regional Health will return to operating three Urgent Care locations when Station Square opens. 

November 2022 - If you have driven by Skagit Regional Health - Station Square in downtown Mount Vernon recently, you have likely noticed several exterior improvements. Landscaping outside the clinic is now complete and an electric vehicle charging station has been installed near the northwest side of the building. Inside, a major milestone was reached with the installation of the clinic’s X-ray unit.

The construction phase of the Station Square project is on schedule to receive final approval before the end of November. Once the construction phase concludes, the fences around the building will come down and SRH staff will focus efforts on the finishing details inside. After months of planning, teams will set up IS equipment, add wayfinding and hang art. Furniture will be moved in and supply rooms will be stocked in preparation for the clinic’s opening on January 9, 2023.   

What’s inside Station Square?

Urgent Care will move from Skagit Regional Clinics - Mount Vernon to the first floor of Station Square, offering a larger space and enhanced patient privacy for the treatment of non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. Diagnostic Imaging and Lab are also located on the first floor. X-ray is available for scheduled appointments and walk-ins. The lab collection area, featuring two draw stations, is intended to serve patients at Station Square. This site will utilize a mobile phlebotomy model with lab assistants collecting samples in exam rooms, reducing the need for patients to visit a separate department during their visit.

The majority of the building is dedicated to Family Medicine offices, which occupy the second and third floors.

October 2022 - Skagit Regional Health - Station Square is moving quickly toward achieving substantial completion of the project’s construction phase which is anticipated in November.

Several recent accomplishments are visible from the outside, including the installation of exterior signage and paving of the clinic’s spacious parking lot. The site’s X-ray unit, which will support the on-site Urgent Care and Family Medicine practices, will be installed before the end of the month. Landscaping will also be complete before the end of October.

The project remains on schedule with an anticipated opening on January 9, 2023. Station Square exterior

September 2022 - Construction crews are busy working on interior details of Skagit Regional Health – Station Square in downtown Mount Vernon.

Reception desks, paint and flooring have all been installed on the first and second floors creating a bright, welcoming space for patients. The modern chandelier is an architectural feature of the 30,000 square foot building, visible from the main lobbies on the first and second floors. Floor-to-ceiling windows accent the third floor common area offering a bird’s eye view of downtown.

Station Square chandelierThoughtful design details, though not visible, will play an important role in the patient experience. One notable example is the work put into keeping patient areas quiet from the busy downtown corridor and nearby train tracks. Early in the project sound studies were conducted to determine the noise level and frequency of ambient sounds in the area. Based on the study findings, the project team planned the building layout and selected acoustical control materials, including sound deadening wall boards and ceiling tiles virtually eliminating outside noise from interior suites. 

The HVAC system is another low profile feature of the building that offers enhanced infection control abilities by supplying fresh, outside air to each of the exam rooms.

SRH Group - Ground Breaking Station SquareConstruction is scheduled to be completed in late November 2022, allowing time for furniture and equipment installation prior to the January 9, 2023 planned opening.

August 2022 - The Skagit Regional Health – Station Square construction project has reached several important milestones in recent weeks, including ordering all major equipment for the facility, pouring sidewalks around the clinic and installation of the building’s two elevators that will take patients to the second and third floors.

Station Square HallwayInterior painting continues this month. The clinic will feature a calming color palette and natural materials. The interior design will incorporate components that highlight the industrial qualities of the nearby train station creating a unique and soothing atmosphere for patients.

Station Square WindowsUpcoming tasks for the design team include confirming flooring selections and coordination of the facility’s electric vehicle (EV) charging station. The clinic will have one dual EV station at opening, with plans to add an additional station in the future.

July 2022 - The construction team continues to make progress both inside and outside of the 30,000 square foot clinic in downtown Mount Vernon. Masonry work was recently finished and siding is nearing completion.

Inside, the first floor walls are being primed and painted.

Construction site for Station Square

This month electricity to the building has been turned on and lights have been installed in the parking lot. 

The project remains on schedule with a projected opening date of January 9, 2023.

June 2022 - The Station Square facility project in downtown Mount Vernon is on schedule and on budget. Exterior cladding and masonry will be completed by the end of June. Inside the building, walls are going up. Priming and painting of the first floor will begin soon.

Beam placement at Station SquareFebruary 2022 - Steel beams were placed at our new Station Square location on February 9.