Community Kindness 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has upended life as we know it, one thing has remained: Community. While caring for our communities is why we chose healthcare, we are honored and humbled see the community reach out and take care of us in this difficult time. Thank you for your donations, messages, drawings, videos and photos. We can’t convey in words how much your acts of kindness help.

Please click here to see the full list of our wonderful donors.

"Our communities depend on us to provide outstanding health care services. They look to us to be here for them 24/7, 365 days a year. They are especially counting on us right now during this challenging time as we face the rapidly changing situation around COVID-19.

I am proud to say that, as an organization, we have stepped up in a big way and are delivering a high level of quality care with safety as our focus. I am extremely proud of everyone at Skagit Regional Health and the many ways you have provided care to our patients and support to each other. 

I hope that you know that healthcare workers have a special place in the hearts and minds of all right now.  We are hearing it from patients, our Board members, community representatives and as coworkers. You are appreciated and respected for the work you are doing. We simply can’t say it enough: Thank you."

- Brian Ivie, President and CEO


Drawings of Support


Community Thank You Video

Click here to view all of the supportive videos our community members have sent.

Generous Donations 

Isolation Patients Receive Amazon Fire Tablets to See Loved Ones

This amazing effort to connect patients with families and friends originated in Massachusetts and has made it's way across the country. Thank you Jan Steves for coordinating this effort in Washington! Your hard work and passion is so heart warming!

Janicki Industries Fabricates and Donates Patient Treatment Booth

Janicki Industries shared their talent and innovation with Skagit Regional Health through the design, fabrication and donation of a patient isolation booth to aid in the safe treatment of COVID positive patients. We are so grateful for our amazing community partners!

Several Hundred Gift Cards Received

At the request of the donors, a drawing was held for night shift staff and providers. Our thanks to Nyal Walker of Farmer’s Insurance for nearly $3500 to Blazing Onion and to David Anderson and Roger Elton of Country Financial who donated $3500 in gift cards to COA, Whidbey Coffee and Asian One!

Thank you to Skagit Rotary and Local Manufacturers for Face Shield Donation

Skagit Rotary, Chinook Enterprises, Harbor Freight and Eddyline Kayaks came together to manufacture and donate face shields for front line caregivers. We appreciate the ingenuity and the financial contributions of local businesses to support the safety of healthcare workers during this pandemic.

COHO Liquidation Donates Six Pallets of Gloves

Tom Miller and his son Gavin generously delivered six pallets of gloves to Skagit Valley Hospital in mid-March. Tom noted that he felt compelled to donate these supplies because he wanted to be a good neighbor. We are so thankful for his dedication to supporting his community health system!

Grocery Outlet and Moose Creek BBQ Team Up for CVH

Arlington Grocery Outlet and Moose Creek BBQ teamed up to provide a delicious lunch to our brave hospital workers at Cascade Valley Hospital. We also donated 200 N95 masks to help make sure the ones protecting us are protected! Thank you to all the front line workers keeping us safe!"

Grizzly Industrial, Inc. Provides PPE to Healthcare Staff

Many thanks to Grizzly Industrial, Inc. for the donation of more than 21,000 pairs of disposable gloves and hundreds of N95 masks to support the safety and work of our healthcare staff at Skagit Regional Health.

Safeway Provides Snacks for Front Line

Safeway of Mount Vernon donated a $250 gift card to be used to purchase snacks for front line employees at Skagit Regional Health. Thank you to the store and employees for your wonderful generosity and for providing such a crucial service to our communities yourselves. We're all in this together!

12K Face Shields Donated by Ford Motors in Michigan

The Ford Motor Company stopped making cars due to the COVID-19 crisis. Now employees are volunteering their time to make face shields for healthcare workers around the nation. Skagit Regional Health received a generous 12,000 face shields in early April. Thank you Ford Motor Co.!

Little Caesars Delivers Big

For multiple days, Little Caesars Pizza has delivered 20 pizzas a day to the staff at Cascade and Skagit Valley hospitals. Our staff is so grateful for the meals they have provided. Thank you for your support and comfort during this time!

Chuckanut Distillery Donates N95 Masks

The distillery purchased a supply of N95 masks for the purpose of donating them to the local first responders in our community. Here are the heroes at Skagit Valley Hospital and Bellingham Anesthesia rocking them on the front lines. Thank you for all you do!"

World's Finest Chocolate for Staff

We are grateful for a donation on Monday, April 13 by World’s Finest Chocolate of 3,000 individually wrapped chocolate bars for healthcare workers at Skagit Regional Health. Our staff is so looking forward to their very sweet and delicious gift!



Thank a Healthcare Worker

Calling all kids (and adults too)! Send us your messages of support for our team members. Email messages and pictures to We can't wait to share your appreciation!

Acts of Kindness

Skagit Attitudes of Gratitude Deploy Signs of Encouragement and Support

Early Monday morning, April 20, a local community group Skagit Attitudes of Gratitude distributed hundreds of signs across our system's facilities. We are in awe of all the support and love our staff and providers are being shown! These signs truly inspire us, warm our hearts and bring lightness to hard/scary times. We cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gesture!

National Honor Society Students Decorate Sidewalk Outside SVH

Seniors Emma Berliner and Lily Zavala completed their National Honor Society senior project during the Stay Home, Stay Healthy closure to earn their NHS cords for graduation by decorating the sidewalks outside of the Skagit Valley Hospital to thank healthcare workers helping our community fight COVID-19.

Handwritten Cards Delivered to Front Line Workers

Notes of support and encouragement were delivered to Skagit Regional Health staff members and the Mount Vernon Fire Department by the Cornwall Church. “Everyone can write a letter, anyone can write a card, anybody can be a source of encouragement....We wanted our church to be able to mobilize in hope," said Paster Mengle. A sincere thank you from all of us at SRH, your kindness makes a difference!

Tulip Town's #ColorForCourage

On Monday, March 30, Tulip Town delivered 150 bouquets for Skagit Regional Health healthcare staff. The gift was in response to Tulip Town’s #ColorForCourage where community members can donate a tulip bouquet for a “person of courage” - those on the front lines of providing care during this pandemic. THANK YOU Community Donors and Tulip Town!

Arlington Community Stands with CVH

Community members create signs of encouragement for the staff at Cascade Valley Hospital. These posters decorate the halls of the hospital to remind us that our hard work is appreciated and our community is here to support us. Thank you for the lovely messages!

Roozengaarde Gifts Smiles to Patients and Staff

Thank you to the amazing donation of tulips to Skagit Regional Health patients and staff. “Each spring, our blooms bring smiles to the faces of thousands and thousands of visitors to the Skagit Valley. This year may be different in many ways, but we are still hoping to bring smiles to the community. These flowers need smiles to fully bloom, so our hope is you can help them reach their full color and that they may in turn bring you a few more smiles! Thanks for all you do!” - RoozenGaarde, and the Roozen family

A Thankful Family Outside Skagit Valley Hospital

Touched by the care their mother received during this crisis, a family stood outside Skagit Valley Hospital to greet and send home staff. Stories like theirs move us so completely and truly inspire us to treat every patient like they are our own family.

Flowers for staff from Floret Flowers

Floret Flowers, a local west Mount Vernon business, donated flower bouquets to the staff at Skagit Valley Hospital. A wonderful gesture of appreciation and beauty to brighten their day. Thank you to the Benzankein Family!

Sidewalk Chalk - Words of Support

Several messages of support and thanks were drawn in chalk on the sidewalks outside Skagit Valley Hospital and the surrounding clinics. The chalk artists decorated each sidewalk panel with varied notes and doodles.

Windshields Receive Roses

Haggen donated roses to be placed on the windshields of vehicles in the Skagit Valley Hospital parking lot. This act of kindness brought smiles to the faces of providers and staff at the end of their shifts.

Coconut Kenny's Executes Operations Cheesy Love

"Hey Coconut Kenny’s family, help us support our local healthcare workers. These unsung heroes work tirelessly to care for our families and communities. Now it’s our turn to help them. All of your donations will go toward food and gift cards to help feed these well-deserved heroes and their families. Coconut Kenny’s will match 50% of all donations collected. Please join us and make Operation Cheesy Love a huge success!" Visit for more information.

Words of Encouragement 


A Message to our Community from Brian Ivie, President and CEO

Jan 13, 2022, 18:49 PM
Due to extremely high patient volumes, coupled with staffing shortages due we are using Crisis and Contingency Staffing strategies to ensure patients in need of care can receive care.

I wanted to take an opportunity to update our community on what we are experiencing in healthcare right now. I realize those who are only hearing stories in the media have a general idea of what is happening in hospitals and clinics across the country, but our team members and patients seeking care are seeing the situation first-hand. Our hospitals - regionally, nationally and in our local communities – are experiencing the highest patient volumes since the beginning of the pandemic. Omicron is highly transmissible and the numbers are staggering - not just the case counts, but hospitalization rates as well.

On January 12 we hit a difficult milestone with 40 COVID-19 patients at Skagit Valley Hospital and 10 at Cascade Valley Hospital. This is at a time when both hospitals are operating at capacity. Rates of staff members testing positive continues to rise creating an unsustainable scenario. Decisions have not been taken lightly, but we have had to make additional changes recently to ensure Skagit Regional Health remains accessible to our communities to provide care for those who need it.

Due to extremely high patient volumes, particularly at our acute care hospitals, emergency departments and urgent care clinics, coupled with staffing shortages due to COVID-19, Skagit Regional Health is using Crisis and Contingency Staffing strategies to ensure patients in need of care can receive care.

You might wonder what this means to you, our communities. During this time of Crisis and Contingency Staffing, providers and staff will likely be caring for more patients at a time than is typical, causing longer wait times. Some services have been temporarily paused or consolidated to allow team members to support the most emergent needs.

We are taking additional steps based on Washington State Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance for hospitals in Crisis Capacity Staffing. This includes allowing asymptomatic or mildly-symptomatic staff members exposed to COVID-19 or previously infected to voluntarily return to work sooner than normal with the use of additional precautions. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements have been strengthened to ensure the safety of our patients and staff members. This is a change that we are seeing in several hospitals across the state to help respond to staffing challenges we are all facing.  This helps to allow hospital beds and emergency departments to remain staffed and open to those who need care, not only for COVID-19, but also for heart attacks, strokes, accidents and other acute care needs.

Please know, patient safety remains our highest priority which is why we are doing the following:

  • Actively working to maximize staff vaccination and boosters
  • Ensuring all staff wear N95 masks and other appropriate PPE in patient care areas
  • Providing on-site testing of health care workers who have COVID-19 symptoms
  • Requiring all visitors wear SRH-provided surgical masks at point of entry
  • Altering visitor policy based on changing conditions

This is an extremely challenging time for all of us. Please continue to help us in the fight against COVID-19. Get vaccinated and boosted, continue to wash your hands, wear a mask and avoid large gatherings. Thank you for your patience, understanding and support during this unprecedented time. We will get through this together.

Thank you,
Brian K. Ivie
President and CEO